Top 5 Home EV Chargers by Price

Top 5 Home EV Chargers by Price

August 22, 2019

If you own or plan to own a pure plug-in electric vehicle (not a hybrid), chances are that you will end up buying a Level 2 charger. Level 1 charging cables typically come with the purchase of a new electric vehicle and plug in to a standard 110 Volt power outlet that you can find around your house. They charge very slowly (“trickle charging”), giving you around 3 to 5 miles per hour of charge time. Therefore, a full charge can take anywhere between 20 and 60 hours plugged in continuously! Not only is that very inconvenient, the continuous load on your home’s electrical system can cause circuit breakers to trip or wires to burn out.

A Level 2 charger is typically purchased separately from your vehicle and requires a professionally installed dedicated 240 Volt electrical installation. They are typically 4 to 6 times faster. That is, they can fully charge most EVs in 6 to 8 hours over night. Moreover, if properly installed by a licensed electrician, they can be safer to use because of their larger circuit breaker and wire size requirements. Call our A-EV Installs specialists to learn more about the specific requirements for your vehicle and Level charger. Having a Level 2 charger at your home is the most effective option if you own a pure battery electric vehicle. Ideally, you purchase a charger that will last you years and can be used for future new electric vehicle purchases.

To help you make the right purchase, A-EV Installs has put together this list of five UL Listed EV chargers (from least to most expensive) that we’ve installed at hundreds of homes throughout Orange County. These chargers can be either hardwired directly to a 240 Volt circuit or plug in to a 240 Volt NEMA 14-50 or NEMA 6-50 outlet. Please note that these chargers come equipped with the universal J1772 plug. While Tesla vehicles come with a J1772 adapter, Tesla has its own line of Level 2 chargers (Tesla Wall Connector and Tesla Mobile Connector) that cannot be used to charge non-Tesla vehicles. For more info about Tesla charging click here.

Zencar Portable Charger
Max draw: 16 Amps / 3.7 kW
Minimum breaker size: 20 Amps
Outlet type: NEMA 6-50, 10-30, 10-50, 14-30, or 14-50
Cord length: 25-28 feet
WifiEnabled: No

Siemens VersiCharge VC30GRYU
Price: $500-$550
Max draw: 30 Amps / 7.2 kW
Minimum breaker size: 40 Amps
Outlet type: NEMA 6-50
Cord length: 20 ft
WiFi enabled: No

ClipperCreek HCS-30
Price: $500-600
Max draw: 24 Amps / 5.7 kW
Minimum breaker size: 30 Amps
Outlet type: Hardwired (NEMA 6-50 and 14-50 options)
Cord length: 25 ft
WiFi enable: No

JuiceBox Pro 40
Price: $550-$620
Max draw: 40 Amps / 8 kW
Minimum breaker size: 40 Amps
Outlet type: NEMA 14-50
Cord length: 24 ft
WiFi enabled: Yes

ChargePoint Home Charger
Price: $600-750
Max draw: 32 Amps / 7.6 kW
Minimum breaker size: 50 Amps
Outlet type: NEMA 6-50
Cord length: 25 ft
WiFi enabled: Yes