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Top 5 Reasons to Switch to EV

Switching to an electric vehicle (EV) has many benefits, from environmental to your pocketbook. In case you are still on the fence, here our top 5 reasons in go electric. And if range anxiety is your top concern, let the experts at A-EV Installs worry about that. FUN to drive! In addition to the cool new technology to entertain you and your passengers, electric vehicles are becoming a blast to

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Top 5 Questions for EV Home Charging

Is my existing electric service panel adequate? If your main panel is less than 125 Amps or if it is old/obsolete, then you may need a panel upgrade. Ask A-EV Installs about less costly alternatives! Is it feasible to run a new circuit from the panel to garage or driveway? If your panel is in the back of the house or if your garage is detached, then the cost to

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Top 5 Home EV Chargers by Price

If you own or plan to own a pure plug-in electric vehicle (not a hybrid), chances are that you will end up buying a Level 2 charger. Level 1 charging cables typically come with the purchase of a new electric vehicle and plug in to a standard 110 Volt power outlet that you can find around your house. They charge very slowly (“trickle charging”), giving you around 3 to 5

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Top 5 Electric Cars with the Longest Range

Electric Vehicles are increasingly becoming more popular as gas prices continue to fluctuate. Electric Vehicles are battery-powered cars and do not need any gasoline. This helps to protect the environment while saving money on gas. The miles a full charge on an electric vehicle can get you fluctuates depending on the car you drive.   Below our A-EV Installation Orange County experts have listed the Top 5 Electric Cars with the

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Why you should consider investing in an EV

The world around us is constantly changing and moving towards the future. Electric vehicles are a part of that future. It is estimated, that by the year 2025 there will be 36 million electric vehicles on the road. Our A-EV Installation Orange County experts want to provide you with some benefits for why you should consider investing in an electric vehicle. Help out the environment A topic that is constantly

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